SCENT OF THE MONTH ~ "Cordially Yours" 15% off 12.5 oz. with code CORDIALLY at check out.
SCENT OF THE MONTH ~ "Cordially Yours" 15% off 12.5 oz. with code CORDIALLY at check out.
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About Us

It all started on a cold winter day in 2018.  My daughters are HUGE candle burners. I thought about how much they spent on them and suggested we try making some. I figured it would be a fun family project to do on the weekends. It was fun for them, but I must say the more I researched and learned about candle making the more I turned into a "candle snob.." I found myself critiquing every candle I came across. I saw enough uncentered wicks, black soot, poor melt pools, excess fragrance leaks and candle tunneling (check out my "Candles 101" section and you will get more information on this), that candle making for me morphed into searching for the best soy wax, wicks and fragrance companies to craft the nicest quality candle I could.  Over 124 scent samples, 6 different soy waxes, toooooo many wicks to mention and hours and hours of burn testing I am happy to bring to you Blue Willow Candles.  I take much pride in my craft and a lot of thought and love goes into every candle I make. 

I am proud of the fact that the soy wax I use is made by farmers in the USA! My vendors are also located in the USA. I am also very happy to be working with different charities. You may notice that a portion of sales on specific candles will be donated to a specific charity. Although some donations are "candle specific," I will be donating to other charities as well.  You may view the list of charities in the "Giving Back" section on my Homepage.  

My wish is that you get as much pleasure burning your candle as I did making it!

Thank you for interest in Blue Willow Candle Company and enjoy the glow!

Warm Regards, Dawn